Rod Boll - Rest in Peace - January 28, 2021

Saskatchewan trapshooter and 2019 Canadian Handicap Champion Rod Boll passed away suddenly on January 28, 2021. Our condolences to Rod's family and friends.

Rod's Obituary

CTA Board and Executive


That's the word that imparts the thrill,
That kindles the fire in the shooter to kill;
Not the killing that's done at the war god's command,
But the blood of the clay bird that calls for his hand.

You may talk of the joy on fame's short-lived fields,
You may tell of the pleasure that youthfulness yields;
But give me the true hearts of the men you will meet,
At the trapshooting grounds, the sportsman's retreat.

The nerve that it takes in that old miss and out,
And it's nerve that will tell, sir, if you do win the bout;
Friends' spirit of strife, and their spirit of sport.
That's what makes the trap the good fellow's fort.

When life's frolic are over, the gun laid away,
And the tide is at ebb at the close of my day;
I will feel that my measure of duty is full,
If when the Lord whispers "ready", then I answer "pull".

By Dr. M. M. Sullivan


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Published Date: 2021-01-29 14:16:00