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2021 Canadian Trapshooting Championships - Update April 11, 2021

The 2021 Canadian Trapshooting Championships will be held in a satellite shoot format, June 25-27, 2021.

The CTA Board of Directors and Provincial Trapshooting Associations are working through the details so stayed tuned for more information.

See you at the shoot!

The 2021 CTA Shoot Program is now available.


CTA_UltraSimplified_Web_RedCTA 2021

2021 ATA Provincial Shoot Dates

For a complete list of 2021 ATA Provincial Shoots dates visit our Shoot Calendar.


CTA Buy and Sell

The CTA Buy and Sell is now live!

You'll find the CTA Buy and Sell under the CLUBHOUSE section of the CTA website. To submit your For Sale or Item Wanted post, visit the CTA Buy and Sell and click the Create Post button.

Posting an item is easy to do, just follow the instructions that will guide you through the process. You'll be asked to provide item details, price, description and contact information. You'll also have the option to post pictures of your item. You'll also receive an email notification after you submit your post which will contain your post details and an Access Code that you can use to edit your post. Please keep this email for future reference.

All post requests must be approved by the CTA Buy and Sell Administrator before the post becomes active and visible on the CTA Buy and Sell. We'll aim to review all post requests within 24 hours.

CTA Buy and Sell Disclaimer

Users of the CTA Buy and Sell are reminded to be safe and responsible online. It is always best to be informed and aware of the safest online practices to avoid scams and fraud online.

The Canadian Trapshooting Association does not accept any liability from the use of the CTA Buy and Sell. Users of this free service are encouraged to ensure that all legal requirements are met. Visit the Canadian Firearms Program for more information on the legal requirements for the sale and purchase of firearms and firearm related items.

Rod Boll - Rest in Peace - January 28, 2021

Saskatchewan trapshooter and 2019 Canadian Handicap Champion Rod Boll passed away suddenly on January 28, 2021. Our condolences to Rod's family and friends.

Rod's Obituary

CTA Board and Executive


That's the word that imparts the thrill,
That kindles the fire in the shooter to kill;
Not the killing that's done at the war god's command,
But the blood of the clay bird that calls for his hand.

You may talk of the joy on fame's short-lived fields,
You may tell of the pleasure that youthfulness yields;
But give me the true hearts of the men you will meet,
At the trapshooting grounds, the sportsman's retreat.

The nerve that it takes in that old miss and out,
And it's nerve that will tell, sir, if you do win the bout;
Friends' spirit of strife, and their spirit of sport.
That's what makes the trap the good fellow's fort.

When life's frolic are over, the gun laid away,
And the tide is at ebb at the close of my day;
I will feel that my measure of duty is full,
If when the Lord whispers "ready", then I answer "pull".

By Dr. M. M. Sullivan


rod_edmonton RodBoll_Olympian  


ATA Provincial Shoot Results

2020 ATA Provincial Shoot results are in. Thanks to all volunteers who made this year's shoots possible.

Atlantic Provinces


Provincial Shoot Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions




British Columbia

ATA President - Paul Shaw

The Canadian Trapshooting Association would like to offer its congratulations to Paul Shaw for becoming the Amateur Trapshooting Association President, effective September 1, 2020.

Paul Shaw

Grand American Relocated for 2020



June 15, 2020

ATA staff and local officials have been providing information to state officials over the past several weeks concerning the possibility of the 2020 Grand American taking place at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex at Sparta Illinois.  The ATA had asked for a decision by June 15 to allow time for Grand American preparations.

ATA staff was informed by IDNR representatives late Friday afternoon June 12 that a COVID-19 Mitigation plan for the Grand American from the ATA would be required by Sunday afternoon June 14 to assist in the Illinois Department of Public Health’s final consideration for allowing the 2020 Grand to take place at Sparta.  Local health and government officials and ATA staff met at the ATA offices on Saturday June 13 to compose the plan which was supplemental to information already submitted.  After review by the ATA Executive Committee, the plan was submitted to IDNR Saturday evening.

At 5:30 Monday June 15, ATA Executive Director Lynn Gipson, was informed by IDNR Director Colleen Callahan that the Grand American would not be allowed at Sparta this year.  A press release was released by IDNR at the same time.

In anticipation of this decision, the ATA Executive Committee had pre-determined that if not at Sparta the Grand would be held at the home grounds of the Missouri Trapshooters Association, Linn Creek Missouri.

The dates of the AIM Championship will be August 2-4 (trap events only), and the Grand American August 5-15.

Over the next few days, ATA staff will be working on details and modifications for this year’s Grand American at Linn Creek.  Please be patient as we plan and prepare this historic event.  Details will first be posted to the ATA website.

Thanks for your continues support,

ATA Executive Committee

ATA Notice

Illinois State News Release

Trapshooting Resuming Across Canada!

With COVID-19 restrictions easing in many parts of Canada, trapshooters are getting back on the trapfields. Clubs are reporting that they are operating under a set of COVID-19 rules and are asking all shooters to please follow the posted rules.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.

CTA Executive


The government’s recent attack on licensed law abiding firearm owners, through the gun ban delivered through an Order in Council, cannot be tolerated. These are the important things you can do, besides contacting your MP, the PMO’s office and MP Bill Blair, who presented this ban to Canada. Sign the petitions at and that against the Order in Council.

The CCFRNFA and CSSA have joined together to challenge the government’s OIC in court. Consider becoming a member of these organizations, and donating above and beyond that if you can to support the legal action.

Stand together with all firearm owners and JOIN THE FIGHT!

Canada Cap Challenge - Thank You Sponsors

The CTA would like to thank all sponsors that supported the Canada Cap Challenge for the 2020 Canadian Trapshooting Championships. This Provincial 5 Man Team Purse would have had a guaranteed $5500 cash prize payout to the winning team. Click on this link for complete Canada Cap Challenge Rules.

2020 Canada Cap Challenge Sponsors

Please extend your thanks to these sponsors for supporting our shoot and shooters.

2020 Canadian Trapshooting Championships Cancelled

Message from CTA President Dwight Smith

April 4, 2020

Every year, we look forward to connecting with all of our Canadian shooting friends at the CTA shoot. But due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the event for the year 2020.  As a dedicated shooter and as President, I understand that this is a difficult situation for everyone including the Edmonton Gun Club but the CTA is committed to ensuring every possible effort is made for the health and safety of our shooters, and all stakeholders of the event.

The Federal, Provincial and local health governing bodies have stated that all non-essential travel is not advised across most of our borders within Canada until June 30th and may very well be extended further as the virus’s effects are monitored.  The group size has now dwindled to as few as 2 in some places for obvious reasons. Business is not as usual anywhere in Canada. Need I say more!

If anyone has any concerns, questions or just wants to talk please, by all means, contact me.

Stay healthy.

See you all in Edmonton next year.

Best Regards,


Dwight A Smith
CTA President
Cell: 1-306-229-1129


CTA COVID-19 Statement and ATA Updates

The Canadian Trapshooting Association is encouraging all clubs and shooters to take necessary precautions to deal with the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Our best advice is to stay informed and listen to public health authorities. The safety and health of our family and friends should be our top priority.

Gun Clubs across Canada and the US are taking the public health warnings seriously and are making the necessary decisions to help control the spread of COVID-19. The CTA is monitoring the situation and will provide updates when appropriate.

The Amateur Trapshooting Association is providing regular updates on

Shooter Corner

The CTA Shooter Corner has been updated with important information for all ATA shooters. Here you'll find the latest ATA rulebook and rules changes, dates for all the major ATA Satellite Grands, Zone Shoots and all State / Provincial Shoots and a bunch more.

CTA Shooter Corner

We're Live!

What's new on

  • The CTA logo. Same design but with a refreshed look.
  • The Main page displays up to 4 LATEST NEWS items. These are brief introductions to full articles that you can access by clicking on the Read More button.
  • We have added a NEWS section that is accessed by clicking on the View all our news button on the bottom of the main page. This section will be used to keep CTA shooters up to date on all CTA and ATA matters i.e. new rule book, shooter announcements, accomplishments etc.
  • The ABOUT US section tells visitors Who we Are, lists the CTA Provinces and Board of directors. 
  • The CLUBHOUSE section is new and we'll be using the Club Corner and Shooter Corner to highlight a CTA club and shooter from time to time. The Shoot Calendar lists all provincial shoots dates and info. 
  • Under CHAMPIONSHIPS we have Shoot Info and Results. The Shoot Info section lists information on this year's shoot while the Results section will display the latest results. Previous shoot results will be accessible by using the drop down box and selecting a year to view.
  • The RECORDS menu is where you'll find all of past Champions, Host Cities and Mackintosh Trophy Results. This info is now stored in a database and is easily updated. We're working on getting the Category info for the Handicap, Doubles, HOA and HAA. Unfortunately, that information is in various sources and we're working to piece it all together.
  • CONTACT. This will take site visitors to a form that sends us an email.
  • SEARCH. You can use the magnifying glass icon to search the CTA site for something of interest to you.
  • You'll also find a link to our Facebook page on the bottom of the page.
  • Clicking on the smaller CTA logo on the top right will take you back to the main page. So will clicking on the small house / home symbol.

CTA Executive

Buy / Sell

Buy & Sell Section

If you would like to list an item for sale or a wanted to buy notice, send us the following details.

Seller / Buyer's Name
Seller / Buyer's Contact Email
Seller / Buyer's Phone Number

Please note. The CTA does not make any attempt to verify items listed nor do we take any responsibility for transactions between individuals. This Buy / Sell section is to be used at your own risk.

CTA Executive


Items for Sale


Items Wanted

2019 Target Year - 20 000 Registered Targets

Congratulations to Alberta's Art Peyton and Ontario's Keith Saunders for registering over 20 000 targets in the 2019 ATA target year.

Here's the complete list of 20K Mega Target Members for 2019.

Mega Target Members for 2019

Category Champion Records

We've expanded our Records to include the Category Champions for Doubles, Handicap, High Over All and High All Around events. Previoulsy, we have only listed the Singles Categories.

Unfortunately, we're missing information for all years prior to 2013.. Can you help us fill in the missing information? If you're interested, contact us.


CTA Executive

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