2019 Canadian Trapshooting Championships
St. Thomas Gun Club, St. Thomas, Ontario
June 26 – 30, 2019

The St. Thomas Gun Club hosted the 2019 Canadian Trapshooting Championships June 26 – 29, 2019. The southern Ontario club, established in 1914 and located close to the shores of Lake Erie, treated shooters to a well-run shoot with great targets and a friendly atmosphere. The gun club is situated in a residential area of St. Thomas just passed a recreational facility that features a playground and soccer fields. The park like setting makes for a great host club.

Representation was strong from all seven ATA Provincial Associations – the eastern provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador make up the Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Association while the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec form the remaining 6 ATA Provincial Associations. Shoot attendance was also up in all events.

Nova Scotia’s Reynold d’Entremont (2018 Atlantic Provinces Singles Champion) was on top of his game during the opening Singles event and shot his first career 100 straight to claim A Class. Four AA shooters carded 99s with Ontario shooter Lloyd Beecraft claiming the win after the carryover scores were tallied. New Brunswick’s Jack Nicolle claimed B Class with his 97 while Ontario’s Denis Louiseize and Ron Wallace claimed C and D Classes respectively.

Ontario’s Andrew Lucan shot the lone 96 to claim the Event 2 Handicap Championship earning him a 1 yard punch. Close behind with 95s were fellow Ontario shooters Ron Dietrich, Jamie Caldwell and Myles Jackman. Ontario’s Junior Gold shooter Ana Tsementzis claimed 5th place with her 95.

The Pat Lamont Singles, Event 3, was the opening 100 Singles event on Day 2 with 169 entries and an impressive total of 8 – 100s, 10 – 99s and 11 – 98s. Ontario shooters dominated the event with Mike Vecchio claiming AA Class after a 3 way carry-over, Larry Riehl claimed A Class after the 4 way carry-over and Randy Douez claimed B Class with a 100. Jon Naismith took C Class with a 99 and Lori Cantelo took D Class with her 94. Lloyd Beecraft claimed the Champion of Champions title over all other provincial Singles Champions outright with his perfect score.

In Event 4, Atlantic Province and Newfoundland shooter Troy Coldwell (2018 Atlantic Provinces Doubles Champion) claimed AA Class in the 50 pair Doubles event with a 99. Saskatchewan’s Randy Hunt claimed A Class with his 96 and Ontario shooters Mike Vecchio, Bert Blackburn and Peter Tarnowski claimed B, C and D Classes respectively. Quebec shooter Serge Pelletier reached a milestone during Event 4 and recorded his 50 000th registered Doubles. Congratulations Serge.

Scores remained strong for Event 5 – the Pat Lamont Doubles and the tournament’s second Doubles event. Saskatchewan’s Kahl Boll tallied a 99 to claim AA. Reynold d’Entremont’s 97 took A Class while Ontario shooter Ed Wilmott and Manitoba’s Mike Jeronimo claimed B and C Classes. Atlantic Province and New Brunswick shooter Paul Devereaux, competing in his first national championship, prevailed during the 3-way carry-over for D Class, and took home his first win at the national level.

Reynold and Rejean d’Entremont (2018 Atlantic Provinces Handicap Champion) from Nova Scotia tied Ontario Veteran shooter John Iliopoulos with 97s in Event 6 – the Pat Lamont Handicap. Reynold edged Rejean 23 – 22 in the shootoff while Iliopoulos took 3rd place, Manitoba shooters, Junior Rylan Bowler and Mike Jeronimo took 4th and 5th.

The Canadian Singles Championships, Event 7 had 239 shooters compete for the national titles. The morning shooting conditions were near ideal with bright skies and only a slight breeze. Five perfect scores were recorded during the 1st 100 targets from Atlantic Provinces and Newfoundland shooter Andrea Bassan and Ontario shooters Dominic Gitto, Joe Di Francesco, Steve Jones and Mike Vecchio. Numerous 99s and 98s kept the competition close. The afternoon’s 2nd 100 targets started with moderate to high winds making for some challenging targets. Bassan dropped 1 target in the 2nd half of the event for a personal best of 199/200 to claim the Canadian Singles Championship and Gitto dropped 2 to claim the Sub Veteran Championship. Alberta’s Shawn McNeil and Ontario’s John Iliopoulos shot the only perfect scores in the afternoon and claimed the Canadian Runner-up title and Veteran title. Sub Junior and Junior shooters McKenna Munn and Rylan Bower shot impressive 194s to claim their category Championships. Munn ran the last 75 targets of her first hundred, and ran the first 25 of her second 100, giving her her first 100 straight, although not officially reflected in the record books. Alberta’s Lynn Smith (2018 Alberta Lady I Champion) and Dianne Wood (2018 Ontario Lady II Champion) claimed the Lady I and Lady II category Championships.

2018 Ontario Doubles Champion Dan Gris and Alberta’s Jesse Smith tied with 98s in the Canadian Doubles Championship, Event 8. Gris claimed the Championship with a 19 over Smith’s 16 in the one round shootoff. Saskatchewan’s Kahl Boll took the Open Champion with a 97 while Ontario Lady shooters Lisa Bennett and Emily Brown claimed the Lady 1 and II categories. The Ontario presence on the trophy board continued with Ana Tsementzis claiming the Junior Gold trophy while Joe Di Francesco, Earl Brown and Terry Jordan claimed the Sub Veteran, Veteran and Sr. Veteran titles.

The wind picked up considerably for the afternoon’s Event 9 Canadian Handicap Championship and shooters needed to be on their game to make the winner’s circle. Saskatchewan’s father and son shooters Rod and Kahl Boll tied 2018 Ontario Lady I Champion Lisa Bennett’s 94 for a 3-way tie for top honours. Rod’s 23 over Kahl’s 22 settled Champion and Runner-up titles while Bennett took Lady I Champion. Atlantic Province and Nova Scotia shooter Steven d’Entremont’s 93 took the Open Champion while Ontario’s Randy Douez and Jamie LeBlanc took 3rd and 4th places after their one round shootoff. A total of 5 shooters with 91s shot off for 5th and 6th places with Peter Tsementzis (2018 Ontario Handicap Champion) taking 5th after one round. Andrew Lucan took 6th after going 3 rounds. The Lady II Championship was settled after one round with Ontario’s Joanne Pollock defeating CTA Delegate at Large Emily Brown. The Junior and Sub Veteran titles also went into shootoffs with Rylan Bower defeating Ontario’s Liam Swart for the Junior trophy and Quebec’s Denis Brule defeating Ontario’s Lloyd Beecraft for the Sub Veteran win.

Kahl Boll took the High All Around Championship while Peter Tsementzis and B.J. Jackman went into a shootoff for Runner-up and Open Champion titles. Peter’s 39/40 in the 20 Singles, 10 Handicap, 5 Pair Doubles shootoff was good to claim the Canadian HAA Runner-up. Atlantic Provinces and Newfoundland shooter Troy Coldwell took the Open Runner-up.

In the High Over All race Dan Gris won the Canadian Champion and Kahl Bohl took the Open Champion title. Sub Junior shooters competing in all three Championship events were eligible for an added trophy. Congratulations to Sub Junior top shooter McKenna Munn on winning the Terry Jordan Wall Chart that was kindly donated by Ontario shooter and ATA All American Terry Jordan.

The Canadian Trapshooting Association (CTA) also held its annual meeting during the shoot. President Dwight Smith gave those in attendance a complete review of CTA activities over the last 12 months. Dwight recommended rule changes for 2020 to help make Canada’s national trapshoot a better one. Starting in 2020, all ATA Provincial Category Champions, in addition to the Provincial Singles Champions, will be eligible for the Champion of Champions event which will be based on the 1st 100 targets of the Canadian Singles Championship. Smith also reported that the CTA website is currently down.. Preliminary plans were announced for a new and improved website with features that will make it easier for shooters to stay informed of upcoming shoots throughout Canada. The plan is to have the new website up and running by the end of the calendar year.

The 2020 Canadian Trapshooting Association Championships will be hosted by the Edmonton Gun Club, Edmonton, Alberta. Stay tuned for dates and other information.

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